The international pop singer Beyonce is reportedly signed up to write the next James Bond Theme Song. The movie has enlisted other musical icons in the past as well, such as Adele for the song “Skyfall.”

A new James Bond Movie is set to be released in November 2019, headlined by actor Daniel Craig. Sources told The Daily Star that the female singer has become a close friend of Adele, the artist who received major accolades for her Bond-themed music several years ago. She received awards, including an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, and a Brit award.

Beyonce is currently busy raising funds for the relief efforts conducted for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane has devastated the United States, particularly her hometown in Houston, Texas, Billboard reported.

In negotiations

The Daily Star published a report with sources saying that this is among the projects that Beyonce is interested in right now. The “Run The World” singer allegedly talked to Adele, before she met with the film’s bosses, and the latter told her how co-writing and singing the James Bond song would boost her career.

The sources added that not all themes for the movie have been successful, but with Beyonce coming in, her fan base can further bring success to the movie.

Adele is reportedly just the second solo artist that has been invited throughout the film’s franchise history to perform the title music. The report also added that the female pop singer’s husband Jay-Z can also join the project as one of the co-writers of the theme song.

Career boost

Beyonce has won many awards in the past, including multiple Grammy awards.

Because the James Bond movies have earned a record of winning the Oscars for their original song, this could take her career to a higher level.

Male singer Sam Smith won Best Original Song at the 2016 Oscars after writing “Writing’s On The Wall” for Spectre, while Adele won the same award in 2013 for singing the theme song, “Skyfall.”

The new James Bond movie titled “Bond 25” will start shooting either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, the management team at Eon Productions are refusing to issue statements about this alleged project with Beyonce, The Daily Star added.

However, a senior executive of MGM, the distributor of the film, said in the report that Craig’s decision to return as James Bond “has thrown everything into overdrive.” The executive added that to sign a deal with the female international singing superstar for a movie theme song “would really be the icing on the top of the cake.”