bethenny frankel is known for being a great business person, as she’s launched several products over the past couple of years. She also sold her business to Jim Beam a few years ago for a reported $100 million, so people admire her business sense. Bethenny lives a public life because of her role on “The Real Housewives of New York” and people love following her life on the show. But there is one huge part that’s not on the show. Frankel isn’t allowed to show her daughter, Bryn, on the show because of her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy.

Because people don’t get to see Bryn on the show, some people seem to think that Bethenny doesn’t put her daughter first.

In addition to that, some people believe that Frankel doesn’t take her role as a mother seriously because she hasn’t written in first on her Twitter profile. The criticism seems unfounded and it sounds like people just want to rattle some feathers.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she wants people to focus on their own lives and not her private life. It does seem fair for Bethenny to ask people to leave her daughter alone, as she’s not in the spotlight.

Professional versus private lives

Of course, Bethenny Frankel does have a public life even though she may not want to. Because she has shared so much of her private life in the public, it’s possible that fans don’t see a line between her personal and public life.

However, for Bethenny, the line may be very clear. She doesn’t enjoy it when paparazzi followers her and her daughter around New York City and she prefers to be left alone when she’s with her daughter.

It is shocking that one person would attack Bethenny on Twitter because she chose not to write “mom” first in her social media biography.

The person ended up deleting the tweet, possibly because many people attacked her back.

“Natural foods chef, best-selling author, television personality & producer, self-made businesswoman, and mom,” read her official Twitter biography.

Bethenny does what she thinks is important

Even if people think that she’s only focused on her business, Bethenny Frankel knows what is important to her. Frankel puts her daughter first when she has her. Frankel and Jason Hoppy share custody of their daughter and they each have her for a week. They don't talk to one another.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s response to a person, who essentially told her she was doing everything wrong?