Riverdale has been one of the most talked about TV series in today’s generation, being aired on television, and is even available on Netflix.

When the first season ended, the fans went ballistic with how the storyline has turned up and was equally excited when it was renewed for a second season. Find out more on what is in store for Archie and the gang in its next chapter.

“Riverdale” On The Dark Side Of Archie And The Gang

Archie Comics has been one of the most popular comics for decades, given its perfect comedy that is fit for all ages. Now, the CW network has decided to make something out of the fun storyline and decided to turn it into a mystery-drama series surrounding the same characters from the original comics itself.

It has gotten a lot of good reviews from the audience, despite it depicting a dark story; tackling murder, mental disorders, gangs, family scandals, and the like.

Now, the series has been renewed for a second season and the fans couldn’t wait to find out what depicts the storyline on each of the characters of the show. “Riverdale” season two will return in a few months, and there have been many spoilers circulating the social media on what is there to expect.

For one, it has been reported by TV Over Mind that the fate of Fred Andrews (Archie’s dad) will be revealed on the first episode of the new season. It can be recalled that Fred was shot at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe and with the title of the first episode revealed to be “A Kiss Before Dying,” there have been a lot of speculations on how his fate will come about.

Unearthing Secrets And Darker Storyline

It cannot be denied that “Riverdale” is currently known and famous for its dark storyline based on the characters of a fun comic book.

However, it has been revealed that the upcoming season will allegedly feature darker characters, especially after the events of the previous season.

Vengeance is going to be sought for what happened to Archie’s dad and as to who is responsible, Veronica’s past will be uncovered and a darker side of her is going to be presented, and much more.

Relationships will also be tested, especially Jughead’s and Betty’s after the former is going to move to the south side of their town.

More information on the character’s families will also be known in the upcoming season since there are still more secrets about to be uncovered given the events of the previous season.

That and more on the upcoming “Riverdale” season two which will premiere on October 11, 2017.