Naomi Campbell, 47, criticized the British Vogue. She posted a photo on Instagram that shows an all-white British Vogue editorial staff. The stunning supermodel pointed out that this photo does not represent the ethnic diversity that currently has Great Britain.

She hopes that this situation will change with the arrival of the new editor-in-chief of the magazine, Edward Enninful, 45, who is also a great friend of the supermodel. Campbell is a new contributor to the magazine and will work hard to make British Vogue a diverse and inclusive magazine.


Since the month of August, Edward Enninful is the new editor-in-chief of British Vogue. That fact makes him the first man (and black) to direct Vogue UK. Enninful began his professional career as a model at age 16. He was born in Ghana, but he grew up in England. At present, Enninful is one of the most respected, talented and influential fashion stylists in the world.

He plans to introduce many positive changes in British Vogue, making the prestigious magazine reflect the cultural diversity of Great Britain. He directed i-D magazine, an iconic and prestigious publication. Enninful is the youngest ever fashion director of an international top magazine, he was only 18 when he was appointed to that position in i- D.


Campbell has been fighting for black models to succeed in the fashion world for years. The supermodel has publicly denounced that there are still brands that do not hire black models. Campbell always says that a model should be judged by her beauty and not for her skin color.

She not only fights in favor of black women but also in favor of the ethnic diversity of our society.

Unfortunately, today there is a huge majority of white models in fashion, making racial diversity an outstanding account in the industry. Campbell expects the next generations to see all kinds of people in fashion. To achieve that goal, the ebony goddess will work hard from now on, so the changes can be seen as quickly as possible.

The lack of ethnic diversity is not an exclusive fashion problem since there is also a lack of racial diversity in movies and television. The media must denounce this situation to find a solution. Great hope is placed on young people, who surely want to change for the better. Although for the big changes, there is nothing better than the education to change the mentality of future generations