Arrow” started with a story based from Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) shipwrecked experience. It has similarity with the all-time favorite drama series “Lost.” However, it seems like the resemblance of both shows does not stop there as The CW series’ Season 6 is set to feature Michael Emerson.

According to Cinema Blend, he will reportedly play an unknown villain character yet in “Arrow” Season 6. Michael Emerson was known for portraying Ben Linus on the hit drama series “Lost.”

EP hints a ‘Ben Linus’ in Season 6

Executive Producer Wendy Mericle shared that Emerson will play a similar role that he had in the past.

Mericle adds that she discussed a lot of things with the 62-year-old actor, including the modifications they will execute to make the character a bit different. On the other hand, they will also add elements to highlight its identity.

Ben Linus from “Lost” is one of his most iconic roles. That is why we cannot help but think if they plan to get ideas from this character. Another biggest role of Emerson is Harold Finch from “Person of Interest.” In the end, there are no confirmed details about his upcoming role, and the show can hopefully announce it anytime soon.

One way or another, Ben Linus has the higher chance to be the new character’s inspiration in Season 6. As the earlier source pointed out if the new villain is anything alike Linus, we can expect him to be a cerebral villain.

Linus is someone who can manage to hide in plain sight.

While we cannot expect him to be a fighter physically, he can manipulate his opponents and turn them against each other. Linus can always think advance in any situation and his plans are usually one step ahead. If his “Lost” nemesis John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) had a tough time dealing with him, Oliver Queen is sure to experience the same.

Michael Emerson and DC Universe

Moreover, Cinema Blend reports that Emerson is already quite familiar with DC. He previously portrayed The Joker on Frank Miller’s animated “The Dark Knight Returns.” This is another character that could be involved in his upcoming villain role.

As per TV Line, Mericle said, “He is a dream to work with, and I think he’s doing an amazing job.” This comment will obviously set the expectations high for the veteran actor. Furthermore, another expected villain in “Arrow” Season 6 is Richard Dragon, who will be played by Kirk Acevedo. Can these new villains dominate the Star City?