The world was shocked in 2016 when the announcement was made that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting a divorce after being together for 12 years but married for only two years. Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt on September 19, 2016, and she cited irreconcilable differences.

Legal papers have been in the court system for almost a year without anything been done to move the divorce along. Now it seems like Jolie might be changing her mind, according to Us Weekly.

Divorce at a stand still

Angelina, who came on strong in the very beginning, seems to have had a change of heart.

The reason the divorce has not been pushed forward is that the 42-year-old mother of six is allegedly regretting her decision to have filed a divorce from Pitt because she is still in love with him. Besides, she has noticed how much he has changed since they have been separated. Therefore, the actress is not as bitter as she was when she abruptly filed for a divorce after a family altercation with Maddox, their oldest son.

What has changed?

Pitt, who admitted he was drinking too much, confessed in a GQ interview that he gave up alcohol cold turkey. For the last six months, he has been drinking cranberry juice and fizzy water. He admitted to some of his other failures as a father to his children ranging in ages from 9-year-old twins to a 16-year-old teenager.

The halting of the divorce comes as much as a surprise as did the separation and filing for a divorce almost a year ago. Just last month, Jolie opened up to Vanity Fair about her relationship with the actor, and not once did she mention anything about the possibility of them getting back together. She did say they care for each other and are both working toward the same things for the family.

The entire interview is in the September issue of Vanity Fair.

For the first nine months following the divorce filing, Jolie and the six children lived in rentals until last June when the Oscar winning actress settled into something more permanent in a mansion in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood.

The latest report

According to the latest reports, Jolie is second-guessing her original decision to get Pitt out of her life.

Neither one of them has done anything to move the process along. Those close to both the actor and actress say Jolie has noticed positive changes that have taken place in Pitt's behavior since their separation. With the divorce currently in limbo, it could go either way. It hasn't been officially called off, but neither is there a green light for it to go forward. Friends think the power couple will work things out and get back together. Expect to hear more about this story.