Anfisa and Jorge may be one of the most mismatched couples on "90 Day Fiance," but the pair are apparently still going strong, at least according to Anfisa's Instagram. The Russian Instagram model posted a photo of roses decorated with baby's breath flowers, telling her fans that she and Jorge and finally celebrating their one year anniversary together, a mark many people didn't even suspect they would make. Evidently, the pair also went out for Chinese dumplings to celebrate their anniversary, though, for Jorge's sake, it had better have been one expensive dinner.

Anfisa and Jorge's troubled marriage

Anfisa and Jorge have been called the second most mismatched couple in the series, trailing just behind Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali. The latter two were so mismatched that they aren't even married any longer, and Jbali has returned to his native Tunisia. Anfisa has threatened Jorge with a return to Russia several times, though the reality TV has never followed through. Instead, she uses her fame from "90 Day Fiance" to further her modeling career.

On a recent episode of "90 Day Fiance," Anfisa was seen hitting Jorge after they tried to discuss a post-nuptial agreement. Anfisa thought it was unfair that Jorge was dishonest about his assets when she came over to the United States, as Jorge told his wife that he would do anything for her and buy her anything.

He also promised to buy her a ring worth several hundred thousand dollars, though he then said he couldn't do it later on in the series. This enraged Anfisa, who ended up smacking her husband in the lawyer's office.

Financial abuse

According to Anfisa, Jorge is guilty of abusing her financially while she is guilty of abusing him physically.

The physical abuse was clearly documented on the show, however, Anfisa says that his financial abuse comes from holding the purse strings in their relationship. She was also evidently not aware that Jorge was in a substantial amount of debt and thinks that he misrepresented himself in order to get her to come live with him in the United States.

The Russian model has never been secretive about the fact that she has a taste for the finer things in life and has been honest with Jorge from the get-go that she wanted him to provide her with a lavish lifestyle. While failing to do so isn't abuse on Jorge's end, at least Anfisa was honest with her expectations from her relationship from the very beginning.