Hillary Clinton, formerly a First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and Democratic nominee for US president has a new book coming and she promises to let her guard down as she delves into her shocking and heart-wrenching defeat in the 2016 US Election.

The new book, which is aptly titled, What Happened,” will tackle the mistakes Clinton and her campaign made during the election. It will also discuss the “devastating” and startling loss to President Donald Trump.

“What Happened” is published by Simon & Schuster and scheduled for release to bookstores on September 12.

Letting her guard down

Part of Hillary Clinton’s introduction to “What Happened” was put on the publisher’s web page, in which, the former First Lady said she often felt she had to be careful in public. However this time Clinton said, she is going to let her guard down.

According to the publisher, this will be the first time the defeated presidential candidate shares her personal reflections during the 2016 presidential elections, considered among the most contentious and uncertain in US history.

Hillary’s most personal memoir yet

Given that Hillary is no longer under the restrictions of being a candidate, she will take her readers inside the “intense personal experience” of what it was like to be a major party's first woman nominee for United States' president.

“What Happened,” is billed by Simon & Schuster as Hillary’s most personal memoir yet. She will look into the unconventional 2016 US presidential election distinguished by anger, sexism, strange twists, alleged interference by a major power, and facing an opponent who defied established norms and conventional wisdom.

Hillary Clinton is expected to share to the reader what it was like to run against Donald Trump and what were the wrong steps she took.

The former Secretary of State will take her readers to learn how she has dealt and recovered from her “shocking and devastating,” defeat and how she found the strength to stand up once more.

With "humor and candor"

“What Happened,” promises a Hillary who, with “humor and candor,” tells readers what helped her to get back on her feet and what life lessons she learned from the whole experience.

The former Senator from New York will also discuss what she had to deal being a strong woman under public scrutiny and the double standard women have to face in the political arena.

“What Happened” is a book that will look into the 2016 campaign and its aftermath in the point of view of Hillary Clinton. It will also serve as a lesson and a warning for the United States.