Amber Portwood is very proud that she's been able to launch an online clothing boutique and has worked very hard to create a business for herself. She wanted to do something that she could use to sustain herself and her daughter, Leah, after "Teen Mom OG" comes to an end. Amber knows that the show won't continue forever and she knows that she has to start thinking about what she needs to do to make money once MTV goes away.

Of course, many of her co-stars feel the same way and they have launched various businesses to support themselves. Maci Bookout has been working on her own T-shirt company called "Things That Matter" and her other co-star Farrah Abraham has launched various businesses after receiving a million-dollar paycheck to do an adult film.

Farrah used that money wisely, as she's been able to launch a yogurt shop, a retail store, and even smaller projects such as the pasta sauce and even written books. It sounds like Farrah is one of the "Teen Mom OG" stars that are doing well and will be set after the show comes to an end. When the group got together recently for the VMAs in Los Angeles, a group picture was taken. One fan revealed that it was clear that Abraham was the one doing the best and was clearly the boss, while the other “Teen Mom” stars didn't really have anything going for them.

She sees herself as a boss

Amber took offense to that comment, especially since she has worked so hard on her clothing line. She has worked hard on finding manufacturers, and factories that produce great quality clothing so she can sell them to her fans.

In addition, most of the other “Teen Mom” stars are indeed self-made. That's not to say the Farrah isn't self-made, but it sure helps a lot when you have $1 million in the bank.

Many of her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars don't want anything to do with Farrah, because of the way she decided to do things, and because of the way she has trash talked her co-stars.

At the VMAs, it sounded like they were all getting along just fine, but one can imagine that Amber is taking offense to the fact that she's not called a boss. One can imagine that she takes even greater offense at being compared to Abraham in relation to business, as she does not want to be labeled as someone who would do a sex tape.

Moving on from the past

In addition to being a business owner, Amber is proving to be quite a strong woman. Over the past couple months, she has realized that Matt Baier may not have been the person she thought he was. Even though she had planned the wedding, and she realized that he had been lying to her about various things, including hanging out with other women. While taking a lie detector test on "Teen Mom OG" Amber realized that perhaps she needed to move on.

They ended filming early for "Marriage Boot Camp" because she felt that they weren't going to find a solution to their problems. A producer later reached out to her and they are now dating. She seems happier than ever, as she does not have to worry about someone lying to her and cheating for the sake of fame.

What do you think about Amber Portwood not appreciating being compared to Farrah Abraham in terms of business and being the boss? Do you think she's doing well-considering everything she has been through the past many years?