Farrah Abraham attended the VMAs this past weekend. Perhaps, she thought it would be a good idea to bring her daughter so she can see various artists and concerts and explore the life that her mother has created for them. It is no secret that Abraham has risen to fame for doing several things, including launching several businesses over the years. Farrah seems to be very proud and it sounds like she doesn't really care about what people say about her.

For the longest time, Farrah has been criticized for just about everything she does in public, including the way she raises her daughter Sophia.

One can imagine that Abraham was tired of being criticized for just about everything she does, and one can imagine she has grown quite the thick skin in regards to what people are saying. But it sounds like Abraham is confident in who she is and she proved this idea this weekend as she showed up in a crazy outfit for the VMAs.

Creative outfits

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia surprised everyone when they showed up in what appeared to be space-inspired outfits. Their clothing didn't look like it was professional for such an event, but it did look like a costume and it did look like they were ready to have some fun. Sophia enjoyed strutting her stuff on the runway and getting her picture taken on the red carpet.

One can imagine that her dreams are coming true.

But some of Abraham's fans didn't appreciate how she was encouraging Sophia to dress up in a costume for such a big event. People claimed that it reflected badly on her parenting skills and she's clearly choosing to wear crazy outfits. But others argue that they look great and that it was awesome that Sophia could explore her creative side and be someone else for today.

Bad influence on her daughter

"She clearly has no stylist, and no personal style of her own; otherwise she wouldn't be seen in any of the crap she walks around in," one follower wrote about Farrah on social media.

Of course, Farrah doesn't seem to care what people think about her parenting of Sophia. There is a lot of money in her bank account and one can imagine that she has more than enough money to give Sophia everything she wants.

She even has a pony at their Texas home. But it sounds like fans aren't too concerned about the money that Abraham is able to provide their daughter as they are more concerned about the way Farrah treats her own mother and how Sophia is responding herself. Sophia is clearly struggling with her emotions as she's often asking her mother to be nicer.

What do you think about the outfit that Farrah Abraham showed up in this weekend at the VMAs with her daughter? Do you think it's okay for her to explore Sophia’s creative side?