Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn Lowell are very proud because they have just launched their own clothing company, Tierra Reign. The clothing company is something that they have launched from the ground up, as they have designed each individual piece and manufactured them with products from their own state of Michigan. This is a project that they are both very proud of and they have thought out every single detail in terms of how to make the company a success.

The couple recently got some criticism over their company because the shipping costs outweighed the product themselves.

Many people are choosing not to buy from the company because the shipping is so expensive. One person pointed out that Tyler should opt out and go to the cheaper shipping instead of the branded packaging that they have spent so much money on. For people who don't have a lot of money, how they get the clothes is not really that important. It is more about whether the clothes fit and how the product is quality wise.

Proud of the branding

But according to a new Instagram post, Tyler is now revealing that he's very proud of the branding that they have created. In a quick Instagram video, he reveals that he loves packaging new orders and he’s happy with the shipping products that he and his wife have created.

Baltierra reveals that it is a huge bonus for him when he gets to see another package of clothing being packed and he gets to put the final stamp of approval on it.

"It never fails...every time I put together a Tierra Reign customer package I just feel so overwhelmingly grateful & honored to have such amazing support for this company.

THANK YOU to everyone!" Tyler wrote on social media.

Perhaps Tyler and Catelynn should listen to what the fans have to say in terms of the shipping costs. If someone just wanted a single T-shirt, some fans can't justify the purchase. Tyler and Caitlynn may be willing to spend lots of money on clothing because of their "Teen Mom OG" paychecks, but their fans don't necessarily have that much money.

Fans aren’t rich

When they started filming the show, they were poor and living in Michigan. They were very relatable to people who were in similar situations. But after getting so much money from MTV, they have now invested in building their own house and they seem to have no problems getting along financially. Paying high shipping costs may not be a big deal for them but it sounds like it is turning customers away.

One could hope that Tyler Baltierra will take his fans’ advice to heart and go with the cheaper shipping option, as fans cannot afford to invest in the high shipping cost. For them, it’s not important to get the branded boxes for a higher price.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra gushing about how awesome his packaging looks when fans are not pleased with how much it is costing them to get their clothing? Do you think he should offer two different shipping options so fans have the option of spending less on shipping?