Most fans will remember the original music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” originally launched on VHS in 1983. Taken from one of the most popular and bestselling pop albums of all time, that music video is getting a whole new lease on life as a digitally enhanced version will be launched in glorious 3D with “spectacular visuals” at the upcoming Venice Film Festival 2017.

‘Thriller’ enhanced and adapted to big screen 3D

The 14-minute video showing Jackson as he is hunted by a group of terrifying zombies and will now get a new branding as “Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D.” The video was previously given the 3D effect back in 2014 by director John Landis but led to a legal battle with Jackson’s estate.

Reportedly the new video will retain much of Landis’ previous edits but has been formatted and adapted for the big screen at the 74th Venice Film Festival, running from August 30 to September 9.

Making the enhanced version of ‘Thriller’ was a challenge

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Landis as saying it was a challenge to make the 3D version, as all copies of the original “Thriller” had been duplicated. He had been trying to get the original negative for some time, as new technologies do an amazing job of restoring films.

He added that he and Jackson had always intended fans to watch “Thriller” in a movie theater.

However, Landis went onto say they didn’t just restore the original “Thriller” video – they enhanced it to add new dimensions to both the audio and the video, taking it to a new level. He said even though the original film has been shot in a traditional way, he was able to creatively use 3D to enhance it.

Landis went on to warn viewers that they can expect a “shocking surprise” in the enhanced version, taking advantage of the 3D treatment in what he termed a “very effective” way.

Documentary ‘Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller’ will also be screened in Venice

In addition to the new and improved “Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D,” an accompanying video will also be screened at the Venice Film Festival.

“Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” was released along with the “Thriller” video back in 1983. Reportedly this will be the first time that award-winning documentary has been screened in a theater.

As reported by Rolling Stone, plans for a wider release of the 3D version are currently unknown, but anyone excited to see the premiere of the new, improved “Thriller” by Michael Jackson should head to the Venice Film Festival running from August 30 to September 9. In the meantime enjoy Jackson performing "Thriller" in the video included below.