20th Century Fox, which holds the film rights to Marvel’s “X-Men” comic book franchise and all related titles and characters, hit a goldmine in 2016 with their movie adaptation of “Deadpool.” Starring Ryan Reynolds, the low-budget (compared to its main “X-Men” brethren) movie surprised audiences and the industry with its box-office success. It was not for nothing that it earned some awards and got campaigned for the Oscars.

There was no surprise when Fox approved the production of a sequel for the following year. Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool will be joined by some other characters from the fringes of Marvel’s X-franchise, one of them being the mutant Domino, to be played by Zazie Beetz.

And Reynolds just teased how the actress would look.

Parody of a parody

The news that Zazie Beetz would be playing Domino from Marvel’s larger X-Men corner first came out back in March with the first “Deadpool 2” teaser. The casting of an African-American actress was notable, seeing as the character is normally depicted in the comics as a Caucasian female with an unnaturally white skin complexion and a black face-paint over her left eye. Fans have been curious as to how she would look In the role and main star Ryan Reynolds obliged with a Twitter sneak peek.

Reynolds’ tweet is a parody of his own first look in character as Deadpool, which itself was a sendup to a famous nude photo of veteran actor Burt Reynolds lying on a bearskin rug.

In true twisted “Deadpool” fashion, the twist of the Domino reveal pic has Beetz copying the same post as the Marvel mercenary. The difference here is that the bearskin has been swapped out for Deadpool’s familiar red-and-black costume, implying some black comedy like only Reynolds and his Fox collaborators know how to produce.

The accompanying caption reads,” Some people just know how to work a red carpet.”

Okay reviews thus far

Reactions to the preview of Zazie Beetz (seen in "Atlanta") as Domino have been leaning toward positive. Among the praises were from the Marvel character’s creator Rob Liefeld, who has prominently drawn her and Deadpool for the company in the 80s and 90s.

The positive reviews highlighted the reversal of skin-tone between comic version and live-action, with Beetz’s dark skin accented by a lighter discoloration over her left eye. Essentially it is a reversal of how the character looks in print, and that has been well received thus far.

Domino is depicted in Marvel Comics as a mutant whose power alters probability to favor her actions, like helping her make impossible sniper shots. She, as played by Beetz, will join Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and Cable (Josh Brolin) for “Deadpool 2” which will come in 2018.