Aaron Carter is a famous musician who has recently come out as bisexual to the world through social media. The star posted a letter to his Instagram account and let his fans known about his true identity. A day after Carter posted the letter to social media he split with his girlfriend of one year. Fans are wondering if their break up is connected with Aaron's coming out.

The singer released a letter stating his sexuality

According to NME, Aaron Carter took to social media to reveal a long held secret he has hidden from everyone in his life. The star came out as bisexual to his fans and explained that he always knew he was bisexual but that he did not want to openly admit it to himself or anyone he loves.

Carter began by stating that he loves every single one of his fans out there and then explained that he wanted to reveal something about himself. He said that there was a part of identity that has been weighing on his chest for almost half of his life and he was finally ready to address it.

Carter went on to explain that when he was thirteen years old he began to realize that he felt the same way about guys and he did about girls. He stated that he always knew this in the back of his mind but that it was not until a few years later when he was Seventeen Years old that he realized the intensity of his attraction for men.

According to Paper Magazine, Carter claimed that when he was seventeen years old he had his first experience with a man and somewhat accepted his bisexual identity.

Carter went on to explain the reason why he chose to release the letter online and stated that while music is the most important thing in his life, he also said that his happiness has to come before anything else.

Carter has split for his girlfriend as part of his coming out process

According to Pink News, Aaron Carter had been with his girlfriend Madison Parker for one year and only one day after he posted the letter online the pair split up.

Carter first met Madison through Instagram and had claimed in the past that he could see himself marrying her.

However, it appears that Madison could not deal with the fact that Carter had kept something so personal from her through their relationship. A representative of Aaron Carter has come forward and stated that the decision surrounding the break up was a mutual one.

He went on to claim that Aaron and Madison love and respect each other deeply.

Madison Parker has not made a comment about the situation between her and Aaron Carter and fans are wondering why the couple broke up when Carter came out as bisexual.