Singer Aaron Carter recently took to the internet to announce that he is bisexual and has since admitted that he has a crush on actor Tom Hardy. Carter talked candidly about the people that he would date if they were not already taken and spoke about how he feels now that he has come out to the world. The singer spoke highly of the acceptance of today's society and the support he received from his fans.

Aaron Carter recently came out and has admitted that he has a crush on the actor

According to the Daily Mail, Aaron Carter has revealed that he has a celebrity crush on "Dunkirk" actor Tom Hardy.

The singer recently came out as bisexual and has split from his girlfriend Madison. Carter admitted that there was something he had been hiding and wanted to tell his audience, before announcing the news of his sexuality.

During an interview with TMZ, Carter was asked if he could ask any celebrity out who would it be to which he replied Tom Hardy before asking if he was taken or not. This was the first time that the singer has ever publicly acknowledge feeling an attraction to a man.

When asked about his coming out during the interview Aaron Carter revealed that in this day and age it is not really a big deal. The star stated that people are now living in a time where society is more open and accepting of individuals declaring who they really are.

Fans are delighted that Aaron Carter is much more open about his sexuality and have been supportive of the star since he came out online. Carter is a well-loved singer and fans have praised him for being a role model to his fans by finally showing the world who is truly is.

Carter has also shown an interest in actor Chloe Grace Moretz

According to Hollywood Life, Aaron Carter has also shown an interest in the actor Chloe Grace Moretz who is several years younger than he is. Moretz recently revealed that she has a childhood crush on Aaron Carter when she was four-years-old and stated that it would be cool if they met in real person one day.

Carter tweeted out at the actor and claimed that the feelings were mutual before asking her out on a dinner date. Moretz has not replied to the tweet and fans are desperately hoping that she will agree to go out with their favorite singer. However, Carter has also revealed that Adam Lambert is also a person that he could see himself dating if he were not already taken.

Neither Tom Hardy or Adam Lambert have replied to Carter's claims that he has a crush on the pair and fans are eagerly awaiting to see if anything will happen.