The premiere of “Arrow” Season 6 will feature the demise of one character. Fans will see Oliver grieving towards the end of the first episode. The preview season left with a puzzling cliffhanger where fans witnessed the Lian Yu explosion. It remains to be seen who has survived and who has not. The upcoming season 6 would continue this plot and fans of “Arrow” would get the answers in the premiere.

A death in the premiere episode does not sound a happy return

“Arrow” season 6 will return with an unfortunate storyline for Oliver. Executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed that someone will die in the premiere episode.

The EP did not unveil the identity of the character who will find his demise. However, she teased that the episode will also feature how the lead star will mourn the loss of the still undisclosed character in the series. This seems to hint that the latter appears to be very close to Oliver.

In an interview with Comicbook, Mericle said that fans would know who would make it and who would not, towards the close of the premiere. She also emphasized that fans would surely witness Oliver going through the painful process of mourning.

Then the new villain comes to interrupt the grieving

The executive producer also revealed that the grieving process of Oliver would be cut-off immediately. Unfortunately, Richard Dragon, the new villain, would take center stage in the new season.

The arrival of Richard Dragon means the lead character has no choice but to forget about his grief and face his adversary. The new villain has a similar style with Prometheus, Mericle hints.

Furthermore, Mericle shared they would explore further the arc of this new villain. She explained that they would benefit much from the latter’s personality.

She also stressed that this is the first time that Oliver would encounter a gang leader, and it would be an exciting part of the new season.

What about Vigilante?

The upcoming “Arrow” season 6 will also feature the masked villain, Vigilante. This character made several appearances in the previous season already. However, the show kept his identity mysterious until now.

Producer Marc Guggenheim dropped some hints about this mysterious character at the San Diego Comic-Con panel. He teased that Vigilante is not new to the fans of the superhero series.

Guggenheim confirmed that the person behind the Vigilante’s mask is a familiar face to the fans of the show. He explained that they believe that for a mystery to become more effective, it should be a local character that fans would not expect at all.

Arrowseason 6 is set to premiere on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9:00 P.M. on The CW.