Teen WolfSeason 6B will return on July 30 and fans are hyped by the recently released trailer of the MTV series. If there is any indication in the trailer, one can feel the imminent end of the Jeff Davis-helmed series. There are only three weeks left to enjoy the supernatural show and Beacon Hills is shaking in fear with the new villain that is about to conquer their place.

Meanwhile, it is undeniable that the new trailer is something viewers have been looking forward to. This is since the announcement of season 6 as the last one for the show. As what E!

News puts it; the trailer is a “one giant homecoming.”

‘Teen Wolf’ season 6B and its returning cast

We have never seen Scott’s pack so terrified about Beacon Hills’ intruders. Compare to the previous seasons, even Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) suggested that Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) should run for their lives. The trailer showed intense killing and no one is safe.

Despite all this, it seems like the true Alpha will have a more powerful pack with the return of few familiar and significant characters. In the trailer, we witnessed the comeback of Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin). Stiles, who is Scott’s best friend, has been long rumored for his possible minimal presence in the series due to other priorities.

Now, fans can give it a rest because Stiles is going to bring it on for the last fight.

Another returnee is Tyler Hoechlin as Derek. “Supergirl” season 2 has kept the 29-year-old actor busy for quite awhile. It seems like “Teen Wolf” will keep him occupied now and fans must look forward to that. After all, the series started with Derek’s legendary bite at Scott, saying “It’s a gift.”

Aside from Stiles and Derek, Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Ethan (Charlie Carver) are also set to return in Beacon Hills High.

Avid followers of the show believed that season 6B is going to be the best season yet. On the other hand, Lydia was also featured in the trailer, along with one steamy scene between Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Scott.

Cast of ‘Teen Wolf’ on SDCC 2017

During our previous report, it was revealed that “Teen Wolf” cast will have their final participation in San Diego Comic Con 2017.

In the series, Scott and few members of his pack will be attending their final year at Beacon Hills High. Obviously, their departure won’t be a piece of cake.

Furthermore, watch out for more “Teen Wolf” season 6B updates here in Blasting News. What can you say about Sterek’s return? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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