The animated television series “Steven Universe,” which focuses on love, kindness, and humor, has captured the hearts of both young and the old alike. Rebecca Sugar, the brains behind the animated series, has created an assortment of strange yet lovable characters, making the series compelling.

Aside from its sentimental storyline, the show is also loved for its different musical style. With its unique melodies, it gets an additional fan base of millions from various places and different ages. These fans can now enjoy their favorite cartoon show more as its merchandise will be up for sale at the coming San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

The on sale vinyl

Fans can now collect “Steven Universe” merchandise that will be on sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

The stuff on display varies, but one of the unique collectibles that one can have is the seven-inch vinyl. The album carries two hit songs from the show. It is “Stronger than You” on Side A and the unrevealed credit song “Love Like You” on Side B.

It is exclusively for sale at the coming film festival event, thus fans can't find it somewhere else. It is also limited with just 3,000 copies up for sale. So, the show's collectors should be at SDCC starting on Friday, July 21, at 1 p.m. PDT at the Gallery Nucleus Booth to secure their copies. Others that can't be at the fest don’t have to worry as it will be also for sale on iam8bit's website, but just on the same date and time. However, both physical and online stores will be sharing the 3,000 copies of vinyl.

A superb kind of album

Moreover, the “Steven Universe” vinyl on sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is not just an "idle record."

In fact, “Stronger than You” hits the number one spot on Billboard’s independent album chart, Newsweek reported. It is also placed number two on soundtracks' list and number three in digital sales. Fans that won’t be lucky enough to buy a copy at SDCC and on iam8bit just have to wait a little longer as it will also be released as a whole album later this year.

More to come in the show’s music scene

Meanwhile, in an interview with Newsweek, “Steven Universe” executive producer Rebecca Sugar revealed that the vinyl is their simple way to also acknowledge their more matured fans.

She unveiled that “spectacle and intimacy” are coming in the animated series’ music scene. The 30-year-old animator is also eyeing Broadway musicals and “really acoustic, simple, personal songs” to add to her projects. “There's just a lot more music that's coming up,” she said.