The LA Times recently reported that Steve Whitmire will be leaving his role of giving voice to the much-loved Kermit The Frog. Whitmire will be replaced by a longtime “Muppets” voice actor, Matt Vogel. However, despite the voice actor’s replacement already having been found, Stephen Colbert couldn’t resist airing auditions for the iconic green role and as we know, it isn't always easy being green.

Steve Whitmire leaves the ‘Muppets’

Whitmire has been the voice actor for Kermit the Frog since the death of Jim Henson, the "Muppets" creator, in 1990, but is finally throwing in the towel. He has also been the voice behind various other characters in the past, including Rizzo the Rat, Beaker, Statler the grumpy critic and several other characters.

Fans will now have to get used to a new voice for the popular green and fuzzy frog, as Vogel, who has been the voice of characters like The Count, Big Bird, and Robin the Frog, takes over.

‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and their take on the Kermit auditions

Colbert is never slow to give his take on the latest news and naturally couldn’t resist a skit relating to Kermit’s replacement on the “Muppets.” Wednesday’s show came up with the popular late night host's alternatives for the voice actor by airing voice auditions for Kermit the Frog, including President Donald Trump and various of his cohorts.

Sean Spicer didn't get the job

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was the first to audition for the role. A voice can be heard telling Spicer that he has to be relatable to children so he must keep it “light and fun.” However Kermit, in Spicer’s voice, goes on to recite one of the press secretary’s most famous gaffes, speaking of the Hitler issue, chemical weapons and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Surprisingly, Spicer didn’t get the job.

Donald Trump Jr. tries out and fails

Keeping things really topical, Donald Trump Jr. then turns comes in for an audition. Trump Jr., as the voice of Kermit, went on to defend his Russian email scandal, by saying someone had sent him an email and that he can’t help what people send him. The person in charge of the auditions tells Trump Jr.

that Kermit may be a frog, but he’s “not dumb” and goes on to ask him to say something a little less stupid.

Ben Carson comes on for the third audition and starts talking about how he tried to stab someone when he was 14 – that particular audition didn’t last long, as security was called.

U.S. President Donald Trump auditions for the role

As a final audition, U.S.

President Donald Trump comes on and in Kermit's voice tells us that the “American Dream is dead.” The person auditioning tells "Trump" that Kermit is a “beloved character,” and asks him to say something everyone will love, to which Kermit replies in Trump’s voice, “We need a new president fast.” He got the job.

YouTube users react

Some of the top comments on the YouTube video include such gems as, "Awww I Wanted Kermit to say "when you're a star they let you do it ... grab them by the p***y,"" "Come on, Trump's hands are WAY too small to handle a muppet!" and "It ain't easy.. bein' orange."

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