"Triple Threat" was directed by Jesse V. Johnson. The movie is a martial arts adventure that focuses on a down and out band of mercenaries. The mercenaries set out to confront a trio of assassins who have been hired to kill a billionaire's daughter. The assassins' job is to bring down a major crime syndicate. Although the movie has not yet been released in theaters, talks of a sequel are already in the works. Casting includes such actors as Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Scott Adkins.

A martial arts movie for modern audiences

"Triple Threat" is bringing martial arts back to the film industry as the band of mercenaries protects a billionaire's daughter from assassins.

As seen in the trailer the cast have impeccable martial arts skill which adds to the overall theme of the movie. "Triple Threat" is a shout-out to the older days of martial arts movies while also representing the way the genre has developed over the years. According to FSRO, the quality of martial arts movies has picked up significantly over the past 10 years.

"Triple Threat" has not been the only martial arts-themed movie announced over the last month. A movie based on the early life of Bruce Lee will also be being released this year. There is no doubt that the genre is returning to popularity. It has been a slow climb for the martial arts actor but judging by "Triple Threat" and the reaction that the trailer received at San Diego Comic Con, film fanatics are eagerly awaiting movies of this genre.

A stellar cast

Those who watch "Triple Threat" will realize that they have seen some of the main cast in movies before. Tony Jaa appeared in "Furious 7" and fellow co-star Donnie Yen also had a major role in one of the newer Star Wars movies, "Rogue One." However, the true talent and capacity of these actors was not overly challenged in these roles.

In "Triple Threat" the stars showcase their unique martial arts skills for a wide audience.

Jaa, Uwais, and Adkins have never starred in a movie together and fans of the actors are going wild. According to Deadline, they are by far the best actors for the roles. Not only are they brilliantly talented actors but they also bring a physical prowess to the roles that no other could match.

"Triple Threat" is due to arrive in theaters next year in 2018. While the wait might be agonizing, talks of a sequel have already begun. The exact release date of the movie has yet to be confirmed and fans are hoping they won't have to wait too long.