"Birth of the Dragon" is a martial arts based film directed by George Nolfi. The movie was co-written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele. "Birth of the Dragon" is a movie about the emergence of martial arts star Bruce Lee. It focuses on the young Bruce Lee who challenges kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a fight. The movie is set in the 1960's. Casting includes such actors as Philip Ng, Xia Yu, and Jin Xing.

The most controversial fight of his career

Lee rose to fame in Hollywood but before that, he was a young novice at martial arts. The most famous fight of his career is the center of this biopic.

The fight was between Bruce Lee and a kung fu master by the name of Wong Jack Man. According to Collider, it is believed that the fight erupted from Wong Jack Man's attitude towards Lee teaching martial arts to Caucasian men.

The fight was one for honor and the two martial arts master meet to settle their conflict once and for all. Wong leaves the temple he has been stationed at to check out the martial arts scene in America. There he discovers Bruce Lee and feels as if the youth is disgracing the very art of the practice. Bruce Lee is seen in the trailer announcing that Wong Jack Man is the only person who can destroy everything that he has worked for. The match did not take place in the public eye but rather behind closed doors.

Based on a true story

While the movie is based on the life of Bruce Lee, "Birth of the Dragon" does not promise to be 100% factually correct. Lee's life serves as an inspiration for the movie as the writers draw off his real life experiences. Like all movies, that character of Bruce Lee is exaggerated for dramatic effect. The suspense and tension between characters Lee and Jack Man are built up in preparation for their show down.

There has been some controversy surrounding the film. Audience members have accused the team of white washing the movie as there is a lot of focus on a fictional character despite the movie being about Bruce Lee. This character is played by actor Billy Magnussen and is the best friend of the martial arts legend. Fans are disappointed as without Magnussen the movie would have been a great representation of martial arts during the time.

"Birth of the Dragon" is due to be released in theaters this summer on August 25. It has already premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016 and is now making its way to the big screen. Fans of Bruce Lee can not wait to see this depiction of his life.