The creator and producer of the well-received series "American Horror Story" announced the new member who will be joining his talented team. Ryan Murphy has been posting hints about the new addition to the team of "American Horror Story" for its season seven. The hinted posts of Ryan has led the fans into a guessing frenzy. The fans cannot wait for the announcement of this new talent for their favorite show. However, Ryan Murphy has dashed the dreams of the fans and gave them lena dunham., which makes it seem that season seven starts with true horror.

Ryan Murphy's choice for AHS season 7

This most awaited and anticipated update has become a true horror for the fans of "American Horror Story." It was announced that Lena Dunham is going to join the season seven of "AHS. It was posted on twitter that the creator of "Girls" and the creator of "American Horror Story" are going to collaborate in the highly anticipated season seven of "AHS". This update was not received well by the fans.

The fans of "American Horror Story" did not expect the "Girls" creator Lena Dunham to join their beloved show. This unveiling was not just received with shock but also with displeasure. The fans took went onto the internet to make their opinions known on the addition of Lena Dunham in "AHS" season seven.

Trending dislike for Lena Dunham

In just a few days since Ryan posted the 'welcome note' for Lena Dunham on Twitter, the news has become a trending sensation. The voice of fans has become more active in current times and the case of Lena Dunham on "American Horror Story" is a testament to the fact.

In the present day, the voice of fans also transcended the basic 'cheers and boos.' Fans take an active role in letting their opinion known even at the pre-production stage.

Gone are the days where the overall opinion is measured by the show's success. Social media platforms have taken out the guesswork of the so-called 'industry experts' because the individual opinions are expressed more exactly and specifically. This phenomenon has also happened to Ryan Murphy's Twitter post.

The displeasure and dislike of "AHS" show creator Ryan Murphy's decision was made well-known on the internet.

The fans bombarded his post announcing the addition of Lena Dunham. They also retweeted with animated GIF posts full of sarcasm and dislikes.

In just a few days, the news gathered enormous displeasure and trending dislike posts on social media platforms. There are quite a number of posts from the fans that indicated that they will stop watching the show.