Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming series “The Keepers.” Not only this but also, the American entertainment company shares details of its story. The series will premiere on May 19, 2017. From its recent trailer, it is clear that the show explores the unsolved murder mystery of nun Sister Cathy Cesnik. She was a teacher by profession and used to teach both English and drama at Archbishop Keough High School.

An unidentified student killed the lady, and Joseph Maskell hinted at her rap. Later on, the investigation reports reveal that several high school boys physically abused Archbishop, and shot her to death.

Through interviews with close friends and relatives, cops discover the truth and send rapists to jail.

Director Ryan White (The Case Against 8, Serena) has told an impressive story of the death of high school teacher, with possible involvement of priests. At a glimpse, “The Keepers” looks like a follow-up to “Making A Murderer,” but Netflix claims that it is a true-crime series with far better cinematography.

‘The Keepers’

Netflix seems to be leaning into the crime genre. Previously, it made the headlines with “Casting JonBenet,” and the first season of “Making a Murder.” “The Keepers” consists of seven episodes and is a joint project of Tripod Media and Film 45. Jessica Hargrave, Jason Spingarn-Koff, Lisa Nishimura, Josh Braun, and Ben Cotner serve as co-producers.

A sneak preview of Netflix’s May lineup

Netflix is a popular entertainment company of the US. Founded in 1997, the company is owned by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings.

It has its headquarters in California and is providing services like streaming media, DVD by mail and video-on-demand online. Since 2013, Netflix is officially expanding into new films and television series. The company has included “The Last Kingdom,” “Master of None,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “House Of Cards,” “Bob's Burgers,” “American Dad,” “Bobs Burgers,” “The Fosters,” “Riverdale,” “Supergirl,” and “The Flash” in its May 2017 lineup.

Entertainment dominance and growth

Netflix is one of the most famous and successful dot-com ventures. In 2002, The New York Times reported that Netflix mail over 180,000 discs per day to its more than 690,000 monthly subscribers. Not only this but also, Netflix’s gets up to two million subscribers every six months. In 2004, the company gained recognition when the use of DVD players became common. With the passage of time, it has provided its users with numerous online affiliate programs.