Spoiler alerts indicate that this week will be a big one on "The Bold and the Beautiful." More people find out about the non-affair between Ridge and Quinn. Their flirting and kissing a few times will have a fallout of the same magnitude as if they had actually been cheating.

The truth about Ridge and Quinn will be revealed

The stepson that Eric Forrester raised as his own and who bears his name has betrayed him. Although Ridge and Quinn never hit the sheets, the impact is still the same. Eric's wife and his son sneaking around trying not to go to bed together.

Knowing looks, hand holding, and making-out are the same to the Forrester patriarch as if the two had had a full-blown affair. Shelia Carter broke the news to Quinn's husband but other family members already knew. They believed they were sparing Eric pain by keeping quiet. He sees it as part of the betrayal.

Charlie suspected and gave Sheila enough information so that she could find out the truth. Brooke saw Quinn kissing her then-fiance Ridge in Australia and broke her engagement with him. Brooke confided in her sister Katie, who threatened multiple times to tell Eric. She never did because she did not want to hurt him. This is the same excuse Ridge, Quinn, and Brooke used. Eric is hiding out at the motel where Liam and Steffy found him.

The two of them will also learn the sordid truth in the coming week.

Where will Quinn and Ridge go from here?

Ridge and Quinn feel guilty because they both love Eric. They restrained themselves because they did not want to hurt him. What will happen now that the truth is out in the open? Sheila Carter is going to influence Eric's choices because she was the one to tell him the truth.

His pride will cause Eric not to forgive his wife and son for a long time to come. This situation could push Quinn and Ridge further apart, as they try to convince everyone that there is nothing between them. The shame and embarrassment of what they have done may have the opposite effect.

Ridge and Quinn might now feel as if they have nothing to lose and give in to the emotions they have attempted to keep at bay.

Eric will eventually have to come home and will want his son and wife off of his property. Let's hope he has enough sense not to move Sheila Carter into the mansion. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" must stay tuned to see how all of this hurt and pain play out. One thing is certain: this will be a summer that the Forrester clan will never forget.