After four years of being quiet in the charts, worldwide superstar and songwriter Kesha has finally released her latest Single last July 5, 2017, entitled "Praying." It is no secret how painful recent years had been for the superstar as she was battling against Dr. Luke in a lawsuit which was later rejected. However, the acclaimed singer had come out better and stronger in her newest single.

Praying is all about hopelessness and depression

In her recent letter published in the Lenny newsletter, Kesha opened up about how she felt severely depressed and hopeless after the events that took place in her life.

On the music video for the single, she narrates how she is calling for help for God or anyone to come and tell her what the purpose of all the pain is. How she feels like she is in a dream where the pain just never ends. She also described how dying is better than being alive because it already hurts too much.

Praying is feeling empathy for those who hurt you

Despite all the challenges she faced and the fact that she had lost the case, Kesha realized that there is still hope for her in finding peace in the chaos. She describes how even though someone had hurt you, you can feel empathy for them and still pray for them. She said that she is proud of who she had become. Above all, she prays that those who had hurt her will also find healing.

Praying is about finding strength in surrender

In her lowest times, Kesha explained how she had found strength and hope again. However, she said it was never on her own, and she admitted she needed help and that someone greater than herself helped her find peace and that is God. She completely surrendered herself and admitted that she cannot control everything that happens around her.

She figured out that things are better if we let go of all the things we cannot control.

Praying is about love and truth

Kesha emphasized that in love and truth, one is never defeated. She mentioned that even though it feels like you cannot get through it anymore, you can. You just have to truly understand that there is still hope so you cannot give up on yourself.

The only way to completely get rid of hate is not to harbor hate as well but to fight it with love. No one must have the right to steal away your happiness.

Praying is all about beginnings

Lastly, Kesha opened up that her single "Praying" and all the other songs in her album is all about her true self. About beginnings after the storm. The moment when the sun breaks all the darkest clouds with its rays thereby making the most beautiful and astonishing rainbow. All in all, the song is about finding hope in the darkest of times and about knowing you are loved beyond measure. It's about healing and letting go of all the monsters and believing you are greater than your fears. It's all about forgiveness.

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