Pedro Aunion Monroy, 42, a Spanish acrobat, was performing at the Mad Cool festival in Madrid, where the American band green day was headlining. He suddenly fell to his death in front of the 35,000 concert goers in the arena shortly before Green Day was to take to the stage.

'Purple Rain' plays as the acrobat falls

In the video included in this article, the Prince song “Purple Rain” was playing, while Monroy was performing in a light spectacle within a box suspended 30 meters (almost 100 feet) above the stage. The acrobat can clearly be seen falling, while the crowd screams and exclaims over the incident.

Paramedics were seen to be attending to Conroy, who died at the scene. Madrid police were then seen speaking with the festival organizers before the show was allowed to continue after around 30 minutes. Green Day went on to perform as if nothing had happened.

"Mad Cool Festival" organizers chose to continue Green Day concert

According to the organizers of the "Mad Cool Festival", they chose not to cancel Green Day’s performance at the festival for “security reasons.” The "Washington Post" quotes organizers as expressing their condolences to Monroy’s family, saying in their statement that they “regret the terrible accident.” Organizers went on to say a heartfelt tribute will be paid to the artist at Saturday night’s concert.

Green Day 'unaware' of what had happened

Green Day reportedly didn’t know what had happened until after they left the stage. The band headed to Twitter to say they had just left the stage at the "Mad Cool Festival" to hear the disturbing news that a very brave artist named Pedro had lost his life in a tragic accident.

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The Sun reports that the acrobat was British-based and was the director of, in Fact, a performing arts company based in Portslade in England, which performs under the name of Ciadehecho in Spain.

According to that report, Monroy had made a final Facebook post on Thursday, showing an artistic image of himself with his British boyfriend with the caption that he couldn’t wait to see his beautiful boyfriend.

Monroy’s sister posted on social media to confirm his death, saying her brother had died doing what he loved most – a show at Mad Cool. She added that the family is “torn apart” over his death.

Green Day fans take to Twitter over the incident

After Green Day continued to perform at the festival, fans took to social media to say they were ashamed of the band. One user wrote that he watched the acrobat fall and couldn’t believe no one said anything. He said he would never return to Mad Cool or Green Day.

After reading the tweet from Green Day, one Spanish fan said it is impossible to believe that the band didn’t know what had happened. They continued by saying “shame on you and the festival’s organizers.”