The FlashSeason 4 will introduce a new superhero in the series named the "Elongated Man." The Arrowverse of The CW network continues to reveal new superheroes and villains. Viewers will soon see the fan-favorite comic book role in the flesh!

According to Movie Pilot, Elongated Man is known by his original name as Ralph Dibny. He was described as a talented contortionist and chemist. Dibny also aims to be the greatest contortionist alive.

Who is Elongated Man in ‘The Flash’ season 4?

The earlier mentioned outlet revealed that Dibny experimented a ginkgo berry.

It is the main ingredient for an enhancement drink called Gingold. He was able to create a more dominant batch of the said drink, unlocking the dormant Meta gene.

In result, he gained enhanced agility, durability and the power to stretch his body to incredible lengths. As the report pointed out, Dibny likely experimented with a ginkgo berry during the time of Star Labs explosion. The incident resulted in his Meta human powers. This is similar to the way that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was empowered as the Flash. The new version of the story is expected in season 4.

How Elongated man fits in the plot

Dibny, a.k.a. Elongated Man, is expected to be a supporting character in “The Flash” season 4. In the comics, his first appearance was seen in the Flash Vol.

1 #112. Unfortunately, his first interaction with the National City superhero was quite unpleasant.

Allen pursued him due to a criminal act, which later on unveiled as a frame up. On a brighter note, the two ended teaming up to apprehend the real culprits. These scenarios are expected to happen in the upcoming season and The Thinker is also suspected as the villain who will frame him up.

In addition to the Elongated man’s comic background, he may become a possible problem to Barry or Kid Flash Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) on their first encounter.

Moreover, the villain-turned-innocent kind of story is not new to the series. It can be recalled that the Reverse Flash in season 1 turned out to be Eddie Thawne.

On the other hand, Julian Dorn also became the person behind Dr. Alchemy’s mask. Both characters are indeed villains, but it happened against their will.

After all, the scribe of the series does not usually drift away from the material source. High are the chances that the Elongated man may enter first as an antagonist. As to who will portray the said role, fans will find it out when the series returns on Oct. 10, 2017. Stay tuned on Blasting News for more “The Flash” Season 4 updates. Also, share your thoughts in the comment section below!