Fans of “The Flash” on The CW (and “Harry Potter” as it were) might be a little disappointed that Tom Felton will not be a recurring as a character in Season 4 like he was in the third season. Still, the network and Warner Brothers Television are making some progress in building up a new support and villain cast for the show to revolve around the central superhero character played by Grant Gustin. An example of the new bad guys to be confronted in the upcoming new season would be Danny Trejo as a bounty hunter from another parallel Earth. Fortunately Flash will be getting an assist from a new DC superhero in the series, and WBT has just cast him.

One of DC’s stretchy heroes

Warner Brothers Television has just revealed that DC superhero The Elongated Man will become a new recurring character and ally for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in “The Flash” Season 4. He will be portrayed by Hartley Sawyer, an actor with past working experience for shows on The CW. Aside from “The Young and the Restless,” “Glory Daze” and “The McCarthys,” the 32-year-old Sawyer has also graced “Saving the Human Race,” a web series from CW Seed.

For those needing a DC Comics refresher, The Elongated Man is private detective and chemist Ralph Dibny. By drinking a super-concentrated extract of an exotic fruit from the Yucatan, Dibny acquired the ability to stretch and elasticize his body.

In that respect, he is similar to Marvel Comics’ Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. The official character blurb by Warner Brothers Television has it that Dibny has detective skill levels similar to Batman, and will help Team Flash in the TV series to investigate a new mystery in Central City.

About Elongated Man

The character of Elongated Man was created by DC Comic writers John Broome and Carmine Infantino and first appeared in “The Flash” (Silver Age) issue 112 in 1960.

While initially a Flash ally, he would expand his horizon in the larger DC Universe, even becoming a member of at least three iterations of the label’s premiere superhero team the Justice League. Elongated Man is interesting in the history of superhero comic books, being one of the earliest to make his secret identity public knowledge, which is almost the standard status quo for superheroes in the modern world, like in Marvel.

Having Elongated Man join Team Flash is one of the latest new bits of information coming out for the fourth season of the series on The CW. Of course everyone knows already that Flash (Gustin) will return from his apparent disappearance in the Season 3 finale (and with a new costume) for the premiere of “The Flash” Season 4, which will be on October 10.