Over the last two years, President Donald Trump has been accused of many falsehoods. As the administration continues to defend Trump over multiple allegations, White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway is also coming to the president's side.

Conway on Twitter

After seven months in office, Donald Trump is still facing an onslaught of criticism relating to a variety of topics. While many issues plague the president, the ongoing scandal involving Russia seems to be growing by the day. The latest twist involves private meetings set up between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as the involvement of son-in-law Jared Kushner.

As expected, the billionaire real estate mogul has denied any wrongdoing, blaming the controversy on the "fake news" media and the Democrats allegedly playing partisan politics. Over the weekend, Kellyanne Conway was interviewed on CNN by host Brian Stelter and dropped an unusual excuse for Trump's falsehoods, simply claiming the president doesn't believe he's lying. In response, fellow CNN host Chris Cillizza responded to Conway's comments, which triggered the former campaign manager on Twitter on July 24.

Following Chris Cillizza's reaction to the aforementioned interview, Kellyanne Conway fired back with a pair of tweets on Monday afternoon.

"@CillizzaCNN that's all you gleaned from 25-min interview?Obamacare lies, woeful hcare stats, opioids, focus on Russia (CNN) v America (WH)," Conway tweeted out.

"Well, saying that the president isn't lying because he believes it is sort of a big thing, no?" Chris Cillizza responded in a tweet of his own.

In a follow-up message in response, Kellyanne Conway once again hit back at the CNN host. "Not what I said. Read instead of reading into it," Conway wrote, before adding, "How to square 6% of US saying Russia #1 issue and 75% of media coverage = Russia #1 issue?" This isn't the first time that Conway has clashed with members of the press, as the back and forth has become commonplace, while highlighting the ongoing fight and war of words between the Trump team and the mainstream media.

Next up

While Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and the rest of the administration push back against the allegations of being in cahoots with Russia, evidence and speculation continues to mount. As the months move on, only time will tell if the media and the facts are on the right side of history, or if the former host of "The Apprentice" has been telling the truth.