More than a month sinceThe 100” Season 4 concluded, fans can still perfectly remember how some characters of the show shined. However, not everyone is given a chance to let their stars stand out.

With that, Hypable listed the five roles that need to be seen more in the coming “The 100” Season 5. Although the previous season’s cast of characters can be described as a “solid ensemble,” the show needs to give others a chance.

5 characters that the show should have put focus on

The first one is Niylah (Jessica Harmon). The grounder is a recurring character in the third and fourth season of the post-apocalyptic drama.

The role of the 31-year-old actress as a former trading post worker is considered one-of-a-kind. She is cute, kind, and friendly – the traits that are now deemed to be extinct in the world that she is into. And as the good characters are gradually disappearing, it will be more refreshing to see more of her.

Next is Harper McIntyre (Chelsey Reist). With her strong will and surviving abilities, Earth needs more Delinquents like her. She has this skill that she can make herself an important one, even though she is not “the chosen.”

The third one is Nathan Miller (Jarod Joseph). He is not often seen in the previous season to give way to other characters. Thus it is about time that fans will see more of him in “The 100” Season 5.

The 31-year-old star’s character is one of the “actual original delinquents,” so the show must put more focus on him.

The fourth one is Indra (Adina Porter). The 46-year-old actress’ role is like a puzzle, although her character can be considered as the one of the well-developed. However, her role is also one of the under-used.

With her expertise in acting and performing, she should have the spotlight on her.

Lastly is Abigail “Abby” Griffin (Paige Turco). The 52-year-old star hasn't given enough Screen Time because of the fiction television series’ too many characters. She, too, doesn’t have a good storyline to put the focus on. So, it might be a good idea if the network will give her more time to shine in the coming next chapter.

Raven’s interaction with the Grounders

Meanwhile, in an interview with Just Jared Jr., Lindsey Morgan wants her character as Raven Reyes to have more time with the Grounders in "The 100" Season 5.

“Raven hasn’t interacted with the Grounders really,” she said. She even described her character as a “science-based and technology-based,” so it would be great if she would have given a chance to be with them.