"Teen Wolf" is due to wrap up after its sixth season. The MTV show only has 10 episodes left and is set to follow a new story arc for the second half of its sixth season. Season 6B will feature new villains who the pack will have the defeat. However, these villains are a serious threat to Scott and his pack. It has been revealed that not all members of the pack will survive. Fans will have to prepare themselves for the deaths of some of their fan favorites.

Season 6B will include the deaths of regular characters

According to SR, the final season of "Teen Wolf" will include the deaths of some of Scott's friends or family.

Actor Linden Ashby, who plays Noah Stilinski on the show, has teased the public with this information. He has stated that the next villain the pack will face will be the worst yet. This enemy will take the lives of some of the characters on the show. As of yet, there is no further information as to who this could be.

Linden has also stated that his character will be more involved in this fighting in the final season. He has also spoiled that this season will focus on people from different camps coming together. The characters will deal with intolerance between the groups as they join forces. It appears that the final season of "Teen Wolf" is gearing up for a final battle. Show creator, Jeff Davis, has said that season 6B will be about honoring the characters and giving them the ending that they deserve.

Fans are already speculating as to who could die

Linden Ashby's comment has fueled the fans of "Teen Wolf". The fans of the franchise have been known to be very vocal in social media. After learning of the deaths to come fans are already trying to find out who it could be. However, as Jeff Davis talks about honoring the characters there is no easy pick.

Each of the characters on "Teen Wolf" has shown their bravery as members of the pack. This makes it difficult to pin down who it could be.

Meanwhile, fans are posting to Facebook and Twitter asking when the final season will premiere. For them, the wait has been endless and they simply want to watch the final 10 episodes of the series. "Teen Wolf" was expected to air this summer.

As of yet, there has been no official release date for season 6B. Filming of the series ended in March and there was an emotional goodbye to the series. Cast and crew celebrated their work over the years. Linden Ashby commented stating that the people he has worked with over the course of "Teen Wolf" have become his family.

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