Adele shocked her avid followers when she announced on Friday, July 30, that she has to cancel her final two shows at the Wembley Stadium in London. The 29-year-old English singer-song writer reportedly fears that she might not be able to sing ever again.

Did Adele postpone world tour due to health problems?

The Sun report that Adele had to stop her world tour after overusing her vocal cords during her 123-date tour. According to the news outlet, the “When We Were Young” singer is afraid that the damage to her voice box could be permanent.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins ended her show at Wembley Stadium in London with a very sad news.

According to the singer, her fans are among the major reasons why she loved to tour around the world. She confessed that she would not bother travel from one place to another if she has a choice. The mother-of-one added that she would rather spend more time with her son, Angelo, than living the touring lifestyle that she never wanted.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer had been flying back and forth to Europe for the past year during her tour. While the English songstress considers the last two gigs to be the best shows of her life, she confessed that she was having a hard time singing her own songs that time.

The Daily Mail shared that, aside from the cancellation of her last two shows, Adele could possibly be distressed over the fact that she might be missing out millions in DVD sales.

The publication claimed that the English singer is set to film the last few parts of the Adele Live 2017: The Finale, which did not happen after she announced the temporary stoppage of her tour.

Fans may recall how the multi-awarded singer underwent a surgery in 2011 after suffering from serious vocal cords. She was also forced to cancel her tour at the time to focus on her recovery.

Fans call Adele 'selfish' after canceling final two shows shared that fans were furious after learning Adele’s decision to cancel her last two shows in Wembley Stadium, which cost them hundreds of dollars in accommodations and transportation. A number of followers of the singer claimed they lost approximately $420 on hotel rooms while some concert goers who did not get travel insurance were not able to get a refund for their accommodations.

“Adele cancelling her show tomorrow night saying shel (sic) refund tickets ... bet she won’t refund the train down,” a certain Andrew Brown was quoted saying. One Facebook user named Viki Anderson Cooper even called Adele an attention-seeking public figure with no class and a foul mouth.

Up to this writing, Adele has yet to announce if she would be rescheduling her last two shows or if she would completely cancel it. However, her management had underscored that Adele will undergo another surgery and was ordered to rest her voice before going back to work. Stay tuned for more updates!

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