Briana DeJesus, one of the casts of "Teen Mom 2," happily shared on her social media account the arrival of her second daughter, Stella Star on Sunday, July 2. The Florida native, who will soon return to the show this summer, confirmed the news that her baby girl would join their family alongside her first daughter, Nova.

To recall, DeJesus announced her pregnancy back in January through SnapChat. On her story, DeJesus captioned, “Looks like Nova won’t be an only child anymore. Super excited for July.” Since then, everyone became happy of her pregnancy and even more became excited when the "Teen Mom 2" star shared an ultrasound photo of her second baby.

Stella's father still unknown

To recall, DeJesus had her first daughter Nova from her previous relationship with Devoin Austin. As the actress announced her pregnancy several months ago, many fans raised questions as to who is the father of her upcoming child. Apparently, DeJesus is yet to reveal the details of Stella's father. However, it is also believed that DeJesus got pregnant with her new boyfriend who was known by the name, Luis.

A report from Entertainment Online also shared that the paternity of baby Stella will most likely be revealed in the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2." Back in May, DeJesus was known to have lots of breakdowns, but she was still thankful for having her baby shower celebrated during her 23rd birthday celebration.

She continued to thank everyone for the love and support.

Pregnancy recap

DeJesus first joined "Teen Mom 2" back in March. Since then, the show has documented many details of her life, and it includes her raising her mini-me Nova.

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Further, she was also happy to announce back in January that she was pregnant with her Baby S. She shared a photo of her little munchkin on her Instagram account and most of her followers also became excited about her pregnancy journey.

Several months later, DeJesus also shared a photo of baby Stella's sonogram in her womb and mentioned that it was her growing bundle of joy.

As she celebrated the baby shower on May, DeJesus told her future daughter that she would be loved and everybody is waiting for her arrival.

And now, finally, her baby Stella is out in this world. DeJesus just posted a photo on the social media several hours ago, and her fans showed lots of love to the new mom of two. Despite the tricky relationships that DeJesus had been through, raising her daughters alone is never an issue for her.