Taylor Swift's 4Th Of July tradition has been broken. It looks like the "Shake It Off" singer is really standing firm with her decision to keep her distance from the media and paparazzi as she deliberately skipped the 4th of July festivities. For several years, the fans were treated to several photos of Taylor Swift and her friends while they gathered at her Rhode Island mansion to celebrate the 4th of July. In 2015, sweet photos of Calvin Harris giving the "Wildest Dreams" singer a piggyback ride spread all over social media. Last year, photos of Tom Hiddleston wearing a shirt printed with "I love T-Swift' took over the internet.

However, this year seems to be an eerily, quiet one for the 27-year old singer.

The absence of Taylor Swift's squad and her boyfriend have raised some concerns among her fans. Some were speculating that she and Joe Alwyn might be going through a rough patch in their relationship which is why the "Blank Space" singer has decided not to push through with the party. Some also speculated that Swift has been enjoying the personal space and the peace and quiet that her increased level of privacy has been bringing and may have decided to stay low-key until the release of her album.

The party that never was

Fans of Taylor Swift who were hoping to see her and the rest of the squad went to the extent of camping out in a nearby lighthouse. Many were expecting to see the usual 4th of July festivities from the "Bad Blood" singer.

There was also a large, inflatable slide set up, pretty much like how the mansion looked for the past 4th of July events.

However, hours went by and there were no signs of a party. Not a shadow of Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn or anyone from her squad showed up. According to Vanity Fair, Taylor Swift's father tried to appease the waiting fans by sending over some "1989" guitar picks.

If anything, he's the only one who tried to keep the 4th of July tradition in the Rhode Island mansion alive.

Taking private to a whole new level

Ever since her breakup with Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift seemed to have made a decision to keep her life more private. As months passed, she became less active on social media and was seldom spotted in public.

Some fans attributed the secrecy to her new album, but according to People, a reliable source revealed that Taylor Swift has learned from her highly-publicized relationship with Tom Hiddleston. Now that she is in a relationship with Joe Alwyn, the multi-awarded singer reportedly plans to be insanely private with her current beau.

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