Unlike what has been reported, “Royals” singer Lorde confirmed that she is still good friends with the famous “Blank Space” singer, Taylor Swift. The “Team” singer's interview with an Australian morning show, Sunrise sparked headlines after some viewers misinterpreted her response to a question about what it was like to befriend her idols, such as Swift.

Lorde revealed that she does not think too hard about the fact that she is friends with Swift, as she might go insane. However, people were wondering when she stated that she "does not hang out with these people at all."

Lorde explains her friendship with Taylor Swift

When the interviewer tried to interject, reminding the singer that she is part of Swift's infamous squad, Lorde rolled her eyes and said that she was not calling her idols up for music advice at all.

She even said that people can meet new friends anytime and at any place, which made the viewers believe that she was dissing Swift.

On July 7, on her Twitter account, Lorde clarified the issue and said she was not referring to Swift at all. She said she loves Swift so much and that she is one of her dearest friends. However, the idols she was talking about do not include the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer, as she was talking about David Bowie and Patti Smith.

On the squad issue, Lorde unveiled that she does not feel happy when she hears people referring to her friendship with Swift as a squad. She thinks they are being referred as a member of a cult rather than a group of normal people. Perhaps, this is the reason why she rolled her eyes during the interview?

Swift enjoys time with her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

On another note, Swift does not want to lose any time with her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. She invited Alwyn’s parents to Nashville for some good old Southern bonding with her family. Life & Style exclusively reported that she is extremely close to her own family and she loves Alwyn’s parents, which is why she wants all of their family members to get along.

Swift had her share of relationships before she dated Alwyn including Harry Styles and Calvin Harris. Harris ended their 15-month romance before going on a Twitter rant about her online. She seems a bit more careful this time around.

Fans are reportedly happy to know that Taylor Swift is happy with Joe Alwyn. Perhaps, music lovers will be able to listen to new and exciting songs about their relationship?

Her friends and family are apparently also glad to see her fall in love again.

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