Tamron Hall is coming back to television, and her fans are not surprised. The 46-year-old former television host left NBC and MSNBC last February when she was blindsided with how the network made way for Megyn Kelly's show.

Harvey Weinstein made the announcement on Wednesday, and Tamron confirmed it on Instagram. She is going to host her own daytime talk show in association with Weinstein Television. Harvey Weinstein announced that the company has been planning a talk show for a while now. Executive officials waited to make sure it was done in the right way with the right person to host it.

Weinstein says he has no doubt that Tamron is the right person to lead the show.

That's because she is not only a talented journalist who knows not only how to report the hard news concerning politics and government matters, but she also knows how to report the soft news in the entertainment world. Weinstein is highly impressed with Tamron's skills and knowledge to report on both levels.

New talk show

What is known about tamron hall's new talk show is that it is untitled at this time. However, it will have a title before it airs. She will host in front of a live studio audience. It has been reported that she will also be one of the executive producers and work closely with the Weinstein Company on non-scripted topics. The new show will focus on current events, celebrity interviews, and human interest stories. The date, time, and network for the show have been revealed yet, but many viewers say they will watch Tamron's talk show whenever it airs.

Tamron's journey

Most viewers and fans know that Tamron left NBC's “Today” show after three years and her talk show on MSNBC last February after the NBC show with Al Roker was set to be canceled to make room for Megyn Kelly. Even though the change was not made immediately, Tamron didn't wait around for it to happen in the future. By the way, Megyn Kelly's daytime show will debut on September 25 in the time slot that was once the third hour of the "Today" show

When Tamron left her two jobs five months ago, NBC News officials told her that they valued her work and were disappointed she made the decision to leave.

They reportedly offered her a multimillion dollar deal to stay on both shows, but Tamron turned down their offer.

Since Tamron left television, she has not been idle. She has been seen out and about, but most importantly she had time to regroup after being with NBC and MSNBC for ten years.

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