British singer Adele is, without a doubt, one of the most idolized divas in the world today. With her impressive vocal range, she has won a solid generation of fangirls. It has also been a source of great joy for Adele's followers that she has been on global tour for her latest album '25'. However, the concerts have taken a toll on the singer. On medical advice, she has been forced to cancel the last two shows of her tour. But, while some may have been disgruntled at the news, many others have rallied to her support all the more, under a most unusual slogan.

If Adele cannot sing for them (on account of her health), they will sing for her.

Call to action

A social media campaign has been gaining a good deal of momentum in the wake of the announcement that Adele's final two concert performances were canceled due to damage to her vocal chords. No sooner had the British idol posted a letter explaining her drastic circumstances on Twitter than a call came out for her fans to gather together. The venue would be London's Wembley Stadium, what should have been the final stop for Adele's '25' World Tour.

The call to action was made under the rallying hashtag of "#SingForAdele." On what should have been the July 1 concert date, a massive crowd of the singer’s fans made their way to Wembley Stadium anyway, in an epic instance of musical pinch-hitting, for the star of the show.

"Adele can't sing for us but we can sing for her," went the tweet from a fan that came all the way from Poland for the originally scheduled concert but is now spearheading the campaign. She enjoined the idol's fans to perform her set list from the '25' album, or any other song they might want to sing for her.

Singing for the idol

It just goes to show how strong a following Adele has when a massive crowd of her fans, known in a community as "Daydreamers," proceeded to Wembley Stadium in London to serenade passersby and traffic with their idol's greatest hits.

In a way, they were also emulating Adele's compassionate example when she went to the site of the Grenfell Tower fire and offered comfort to the victims who lost home and family in the incident.

The crisis that Adele was facing regarding her vocal chords came to a head on the day before her scheduled June 29 concert in London. She had to visit a physician after having difficulty singing. Her doctor revealed the extent of her vocal difficulties and advised her to cut her last concerts short.