Paramount Studios has given “Top Gun 2” a July 12, 2019, release date — months after the original. A report by Deadline indicates that Joseph Kosinski, who co-directed “Oblivion,” is the frontrunner to produce the sequel for Skydance Pictures and Paramount.

On May 24, 2017, Skydance CEO Jerry Bruckheimer told Variety that the studio had joined hands with Tom Cruise and Paramount for “Top Gun 2.” This new project is set in a world of sixth generation fighters and drone technology, and you will explore how the universe.

Tom Cruise’s new film

While speaking to Deadline, Tom Cruise said the original title was “Top Gun: Maverick” but Paramount and Skydance listed the name as “Top Gun 2.” The original film, produced and directed by Tony Scott, was set at Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego.

It was a major success with more than $320 million in grosses. Tom Skerritt, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, and Kelly McGillis are returning from the original.

Tom was working with Tony Scott on “Top Gun 2” before the director’s death in 2012. In 2016, the United States Library of Congress chose “Top Gun” for preservation in the National Film Registry as a movie that is “aesthetically and culturally” significant. The actor met with potential filmmakers for “Top Gun 2” in January 2017 and he finalized Joseph Kosinski for the film. In February 2017, Joseph arranged a meeting with Tom Cruise in London, where the actor was busy with the shooting of “Mission: Impossible 6.” They have already worked together in “Oblivion,” which grossed $40 million in its opening weekend.

The release date

Rumors of “Top Gun 2” began circulating in 2011, but the death of Tony Scott in 2012 delayed the project. While promoting “The Mummy” in January 2017, Tom Cruise revealed that the film was finally happening. In 2015, Skydance CEO detailed the sequel’s plot. “It is set in a world of drone technology, where the leads would explore the end of the universe.” Through this film, Tom Cruise wants to introduce an era of drones and what the tradition is today.

Friday’s dating announcements came weeks after 20th Century Fox Film editor Jim Gianopulos was brought in by Paramount Pictures. Tom’s naval pilot would portray a scientist in the sequel, and yes, Aviators are back with improved speed and features.

Even though this all sounds good on paper, it will be the execution that ultimately dictates the quality of movie audiences get.

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