Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) are about to fight a new battle in "Supernatural" season 13. While Jack's (Alexander Calvert) role as Lucifer's son (Mark Pelligrino) has yet to be determined, tons of predictions suggest that he can be the newest villain in the upcoming season of the hit fantasy-horror series.

"Supernatural" season 12 was fully wrapped with a roller-coaster ending and catching Lucifer was the highlight of the finale. The Winchesters fought so hard and sacrificed so much to defeat Lucifer, and though they succeeded in eliminating the Devil in the latter, Lucifer's only child with Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) is still alive and now enjoying the appearance of a teenager.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are finally back on set: What's next for the Winchesters?

The filming for "Supernatural" season 13 has just started, and leading stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are reportedly back on set. Despite the theories and unending fan-made spoilers rolling out in the headlines as of late, the show creators have yet to reveal the full plot and synopsis.

During the final scene, Kelly died after she gave birth to Lucifer's son. Apparently, the baby grew up into a young man in just a span of minutes, which left people guessing about the actual role of this character. Shortly after the finale, many believe that Lucifer's son can be the biggest threat to the Winchesters and his powers might put them in a more bloody battleground.

Is Jack an ally or an enemy? Here's what we know so far

It is not known yet if Sam and Dean will go the extra-mile to eliminate Jack, whose role remains on a thin line until now. Reports say that Jack can either become an ally or an enemy to the Winchesters, but rumor has it that this character will play a huge part in "Supernatural" season 13.

Given that he's still the son of Lucifer, the majority of the spoilers suggest that he's going to side with his father and continue Lucifer's menacing plans. However, on the other hand, it has also been speculated that a twist on Calvert's character might also come into view.

Season 13 is not a good start for Sam and Dean after losing Castiel (Misha Collins) while trying to seal Lucifer in the rift.

The Winchesters may have successfully eliminated Lucifer in the human world, but he is still and just trapped in an alternate reality.

The spoilers are expected to be rampant in the next few months right before "Supernatural" season 13 premieres this October. For now, everything will remain under wraps until further details about the storylines and final casting are revealed.