Fans can agree that the very first "Kingsman" movie left everyone in awe. It was such a cool flick with a unique premise. It has all the ingredients required to make a spy action comedy success. Entitled “Kingsmen: The Secret Service,” the film introduced the world to the dapper underground world of the Kingsmen.

Meeting Eggsy

Viewers learned from the first movie that “Kingsmen” are undercover agents similar to James Bond’s character. Observations from fans say that they are the millennial version of James Bond. They both have cool spy wear, the evilest adversaries, and the most ingenious weapons to beat them.

They are also overflowing swagger. Plus, they are handsome and carry themselves like true gentlemen. At the end of the day, they are all about doing what’s right and potentially Saving The World from evil.

Fans can still remember the second they laid eyes on Eggsy. The first installment of the movie franchise introduced newcomer British actor Taron Egerton as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin. The youngster lived with his mother, baby sister, and abusive stepfather. In an unexpected chain of events, Eggsy finds out he has a “spy hero” lineage through his father.

He eventually finds himself enrolled in a secret spy organization. With no previous spy experience and just his quick wit and solid instincts, he survives the training.

He becomes part of a mission to stop Samuel L. Jackson’s character (Mr. Valentine) who had an egotistical plan to lessen the world’s population.

Best dressed spies

Fighting evil billionaires is never easy. Add to this, they seem to be one step ahead of the hero all the time. Aside from saving the world, what makes Kingsman even more endearing is how they are always so smartly dressed.

Each of them come in perfectly tailored and neat attires. Every inch of their outfit and look seem measured to the exact length. Matthew Vaugh directed both movies and ensured each one had the distinct Kingsman feel of integrity and braveness with a splash of style.

For its next teaser, the sequel had menswear tailor “Mr. Porter” in the limelight.

Mr. Porter was responsible for all the suits and attires in the first movie. With their outstanding service, they were again taken as partners for the sequel.

The most awaited sequel

The latest teaser shows handsome Kingsmen Eggsy and Merlin (Colin Firth). High-technology spy accessories, car chases, explosions, and the usual sit down with fancy alcohol in hand. What catches fan's eyes is the presence of hunk Channing Tatum! As a welcome addition to the movie’s already stellar cast, Channing plays Eggsy’s American equivalent. Is a rivalry doomed to happen? Will they work together or against each other?

Aside from Tatum, the sequel movie boasts of several big names in the industry as well. Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and even Elton John have joined the dapper cast in what is surely another explosive and enjoyable film. “Kingsmen: The Golden Circle” hits cinemas this September 2017.