“Being a Kingsmen is more than the clothing we wear or the weapons we bear; it’s about being willing to sacrifice for the greater good.” Or it could possibly be about Eggsy making the ultimate choice once again. Since the publication of the trailer for the sequel "Kingsmen: The Golden Circle," the excitement among fans has gone through the roof.


As the world becomes a damsel in distress once more, it's up to the Kingsmen and their newly found ally, The Statesmen, to rescue it. After their headquarters are destroyed by an unforeseen explosion, it's up to Eggsy to defeat yet another deadly threat.

Sophie Cookson (Roxy) will be reprising her role once more in this film, but how her story line will fit in is not yet clear. Matthew Vaughn has joked that he will bring Colin Firth back to the Kingsman franchise as a zombie Harry Hart or Harry's evil twin. Since Firth was seen in the new trailer, fans have been speculating whether they will use the evil-twin soap opera trick or the "escaped from the brink of death" plot twist in the upcoming film.

Additions to the cast

The newly introduced U.S. spy agency, The Statesmen, which includes many household Hollywood names such as channing tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal (and Julianne Moore as the villain) will certainly add a little something extra to the sequel.

Further expectations

Although they cannot fully predict whether or not this sequel will be a box office success, the studio is already planning the release of a third installment. This sequel's release has been postponed two times in both the US and UK, but its release date is set for September 2017.

"Kingsmen: The Golden Circle" is a highly anticipated sequel for fans and critics alike.

The R-rated trailer by 20th Century with astounding visuals, heart-skipping action scenes, and the classic, jaw-dropping “How could he possibly be alive?” move has left audiences with more questions than answers. Hopefully those questions will be answered when the film officially arrives in theaters.