Danielle Mullins may have gained some infamy on '90 Day Fiance' with her train wreck of a relationship with Mohamed Jbali, but the star is now moving on to bigger and brighter things. Danielle, who has been trying to get her marriage to Mohamed annuled for the past several months so that she can send him packing back to Tunisia, recently told fans that she "wasn't sure" if she would be returning to the series, especially now that her relationship with Mohamed has totally dissolved into pretty much a nonentity at this point.

Moving on

Danielle has recently signed with Gina Rodriguez, the same woman who manages Mama June and her career.

Recently, Mama June made headlines by dropping half of her body weight on the TV series "From Not to Hot." While it hasn't been confirmed that this is the case for Danielle, the star said that Gina had "another show in mind for her" which might conflict with filming "90 Day Fiance." While there has been no confirmation of the shows being tied together, many people believe that Danielle may be hinting that she will be doing a weight loss show just like Mama June did because of the press it brings. Danielle has never really discussed her weight or whether or not it is an issue for her (though Mohamed did complain often that she suffered from body odor), but it is surmised that a weight loss show might be what's in mind for the star considering how well it did ratings wise for Mama June.

Life without Mohamed

Danielle Mullins is slowly adjusting to her life without Mohamed Jbali, although it seems that moving on from him has been particularly difficult for her. Although it is now clear to her that he took advantage of her just to get a Green Card, it is clear that she always had feelings for him. As a result, it has been very difficult for her to let go of him.

Danielle claims that she has a new boyfriend that lives six hours away from her, but she still seems pretty obsessive over her former husband and is attempting to exact revenge on him in any way possible.

Hopefully, if Danielle does, indeed, do this new show, it will help her keep her mind off of Mohamed and keep her focused on her new boyfriend as well as her children at home that need her instead of the wily Tunisian ex who totally took her for a ride.

Danielle's close friend, Walmart Tom, even got upset with Danielle for not being able to move on from her ex, telling her that it is time to start "acting like an adult" and ditching her feelings for him.