It's been a long time coming, three years to be exact, but Phaedra parks and Apollo Nida are officially divorced. Obviously, that has been said before but the former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" couple had a divorce do-over after Apollo contested Phaedra's filing and claimed he wasn't properly informed and never had the chance to respond.

This current divorce stems from Apollo's filing. Phaedra's ex-husband had new divorce paperwork drafted while he was behind bars. Nida wanted to make sure that all property and asset division was done fairly, something that wasn't going to happen if the first divorce decree had been left as it was.

What did Apollo and Phaedra get in the divorce?

So here's the frustrating part. According to Hollywood Life, Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida agreed to a confidential settlement. That means that no one will know how they agreed to divide their assets unless one of them starts talking.

There is good news for Apollo, though. Phaedra was adamant about not visiting while her former husband in his New Jersey prison. She only made one trip up there since his incarceration and he hasn't been able to see his kids. Now, because of the divorce and custody deal, Apollo was granted weekly conversations with his kids.

On top of that, Phaedra and Apollo will still share custody of their sons, Ayden and Dylan. Phaedra was granted sole physical custody because of Apollo's prison situation but that won't stop him from being a part of the boys' lives.

The end of 'RHOA'

It's been a tough year filled with a whole lot of L's for Phaedra Parks. First there was the divorce drama and all the questions that came with it. Naturally, Phaedra's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast didn't cut her any slack about the divorce and they wanted to know what was up.

During the Season 9 "RHOA" reunion, Phaedra was called out about her claims that the divorce was final.

She was questioned about the settlement details and how it was even possible for Apollo to have the divorce thrown out so that he could refile. All along, Phaedra claimed she was divorced and even said that she made a $100,000 payment to Apollo as they agreed.

Then there was the nail in the coffin for Phaedra Parks' reality TV career. It was when the "RHOA" crew started talking about the Kandi Burruss rape rumors that took over Season 9.

Porsha Williams revealed in front of everyone that Phaedra told her that she heard the claims come straight from Kandi's mouth.

When faced with both Kandi and Porsha, Phaedra was stunned and couldn't save herself. She kept repeating that she heard them elsewhere, which didn't align with Porsha's claim that she heard it straight from Kandi.

The other "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast members were so upset and disgusted with Phaedra Parks for allowing the lie about Kandi to continue that she just couldn't redeem herself. Porsha and Phaedra's friendship ended and so did Phaedra's run on "RHOA" because, as the rumor mill has claimed, no one on the show will film with her anymore.

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