The disappearance of Ahsoka Tano is now being questioned as “Star Wars Rebels” is about to come to an end. A lot of fans are now expecting to see the return of the Jedi Padawan in the comingStar Wars RebelsSeason 4.

In fact, the animated series’ creator Dave Filoni is continuously revealing little teasers about her backstory on his social media accounts. Also known as Snips, no one knows her connection to other characters from the “Star Wars” universe. However, fans now have a little idea of her backstory, thanks to the 40-year-old animator's revelations.

The two Jedis’ story

In his new post on Twitter, Dave Filoni revealed another untold story of Ashoka Tano and this time, it involves Kanan. Does this have a connection to “Star Wars Rebels” Season 4?

The television producer shared two photos; one is a screenshot of their story while the other one is a photo of themselves. This was an answer to confused fans of Ashoka and Kanan who wanted to know if they already knew each other since they were still young at the Jedi Temple. “The answer is YES,” he said.

Although they didn’t know each other that much, he revealed that they actually shared saber training. Later, she needed to know if he was ready to fight in a coming battle. Ahsoka told Kanan that even though he was young, he was to be given a lightsaber.

However, he needed to have proper training and discipline to enhance the skills he had. Although he seemed dispirited, he explained that he intentionally chose not to use his weapon. She then accused him of being afraid, to which he said that they should be teaching Ezra instead to become the Jedi that he wasn’t. “I want you to be the Jedi that you are,” she told him.

The untold tales

According to IBTimes, there are still many stories left untold, even though “Star Wars Rebels” Season 4 is now coming to an end.

For the record, Dave Filoni has now revealed two unrevealed tales that play an important part in the animated series’ story.

To recall, the first one is Ahsoka Tano’s encounter with The Bendu. The Force-sensitive entity warned her that the knowledge she is seeking that might bring a big change to her life. She just takes his warning nonchalantly, explaining that every encounter does change people. But the ancient being pointed out that what he means when he said change is actually death.

The Rebels now have to give their best as this will be the last time that they are going to fight Grand Admiral Thrawn (voiced by Lars Mikkelsen) in their final battle. Will Ahsoka fight with them? Find out in the coming “Star Wars Rebels” Season 4 later this year.