Spider-Man: Homecoming” has set cash registers ringing at the box office as the movie has collected around $117 million in the Opening Weekend in North America and it is said that there are multiple factors that have helped the film’s success.

Spider-Man: Homecoming” has turned out to be a surprise success for Sony as the opening weekend of the movie was spectacularly successful and surpassed all the expectations the makers and trade analysts had for the superhero movie. However, there are various factors that have made the Spider-Man movie a winner.

'Spider-man: Homecoming' proves superhero films can still make a lot of money

Spider-Man: Homecoming” also earned around $140 million on the international market in the first weekend which augurs well for its future prospects. What is more, the growing collections of the movie has proved that superhero films can still make money. This is because moviegoers are not tired of franchise films and reboots of original movies. No wonder, Sony is elated with the performance of the Spider-Man movie.

According to Philstar Global Movies, "It's a triumphant return for Spider-Man," said Josh Greenstein, Sony Pictures' president of worldwide marketing and distribution. "It's an incredible win for Sony, for our partners at Marvel and Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, who produced it." He also attributed the success of the film to its different presentation of the story, that helped strike a chord with the audiences.

Combined factors led to success of Spider-man: Homecoming

In the meantime, analysts feel that various factors have made “Spider-man: Homecoming” a success. They feel that the partnership with Marvel has worked for the movie, especially with the involvement of Kevin Feige. Both have had an impressive track record and that generated trust in the audiences.

The release date of the movie also worked in its favor as there were no other strong move releases as competitors during that time.

However, this is not all. Sony and Marvel put in a great deal of effort into the promotion of “Spider-man: Homecoming.” The Comic-Con created the right buzz for the movie and it gained steam with the trailer and the posters.

The latter had all the punch that was needed to make things work and last but not the least, the fresh story of a teenage Spider-Man captured the young audiences and also helped the film earn critical applause.