R&B singer R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, is making headlines, and the news is very disturbing. For the last couple of days, the 50-year-old singer, song writer, and record producer has been in the news with claims against him for being a cult leader and keeping women under his control.

Cult claims

R. Kelly is being accused of keeping women in a cult-like manner. He allegedly dictates what to say, what to wear, and what to eat. Additionally, he has been accused of having the women please him sexually. According to Buzzfeed, Kelly is housing up to six women in his residences in Chicago and Atlanta.

It has been reported that Kelly won't let the women have any contact with the outside world, especially with their own families. One woman spoke out denying the accusations against Kelly and concluding that she is fine. Her family wasn't surprised because people who are brainwashed would say something similar.

Singer denies accusations

TMZ reports that the singer is denying all the accusations that he is keeping women in an abusive cult. A statement from his attorney said Kelly is alarmed and upset about what is being said about him because none of it is true. To prove his innocence, the singer is willing to work with officials to clear his name.

Accusers named

Three women who said they used to be under Kelly's control have spoken out about his lifestyle that goes along with what has been reported.

They said they know for a fact that they had to ask for food and permission to go to the bathroom. The three women said the women who are staying in Kelly's houses now are there because they are hoping he will help them become successful in their careers either as singers or models. However, Kelly is just leading them on without any evidence that he is helping them at all.

It was reported that one of the women recently left after she was not getting any favorable results.

Concerns of parents

Parents are speaking out about their children being with Kelly. One mother claimed her daughter was only 19 when she met the singer two years ago. She was under the assumption that he would help her with a career in singing.

After moving into his house, the mother has not been able to see her daughter since December 1, 2016. She did receive two vague texts from her on Christmas Day and Mother's Day.

The FBI and two police departments have been contacted concerning this matter. After a wellness check was conducted last December, nothing unusual was discovered.