When Jace Herondale isn’t out looking for trouble, trouble has a special homing signal just for him. It doesn’t matter if his veins are pumping with angelic mojo – "Shadowhunters" fair-haired hero is perpetually wading through the metaphorical muck and mire.

As far as Dominic Sherwood knows, discovering his Herondale lineage will be the high point for Jace through Season 2 and, perhaps, the beginning of Season 3…

‘Shadowhunter’ relationship woes

If Jace and Clary (Katherine McNamara) had Facebook accounts, their relationship status would have been stuck at “It’s Complicated” from the day they met.

After Clary raised, and then dashed, Jace’s romantic hopes in the Seelie Court, Sherwood shared his character’s woes with TVLine.

“The writers keep telling me that it gets worse for Jace before it gets better, and I’m like, ‘When does it get better?’ We finished shooting Season 2, and it didn’t get better. We’ve spoken briefly about what’s coming in Season 3, and it doesn’t get better,” the actor teased. “It just keeps getting worse."

Welp…look for the Season 2 finale to leave you as stressed and nervous as its predecessor. For Clace fans, however, Episode 16 will provide a little reprieve. Titled “Day of Atonement,” the July 17 hour will send the former siblings on a quest to test out their angelic gifts.

For better or worse, Valentine’s (Alan Van Sprang) meddling bequeathed a host of powers to his charges, not least among them a penchant for creating runes. Showrunner Todd Slavkin teased the ep on Twitter.

“History of Sebastian, Clace, Robert Lightwood, Clace, new rune, Clace,” Slavkin wrote, placing a heavy emphasis on the fan favorite ship (and the possible emergence of Clary’s real brother).

In the meantime, Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) will take center stage.

Next time on ‘Shadowhunters’

After taking a week off for Independence Day, “Shadowhunters” will return this Monday with “A Problem of Memory.” After a night out with his vampiric pals, Simon will wake up with a slight case of amnesia and a dead body on his hands.

As Alec (Matthew Daddario) sends Valentine back to Idris, it appears his boyfriend will have a few problems of his own.

Whatever the case, be sure to have a box of tissues on hand. “Granted I'm an emotional guy, but 215 left me shaken to the core #stillrecovering,” Slakin teased.

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