Romance is in the air on “Shadowhunters” – so much so that the summer drama is overflowing with canonical ships. With season 2B just days away, the angelic cast is here to tease every pairing from Clace to Sizzy to Climon.

Caught up in a non-stop life of fighting demons, wrangling wayward nephilim, and traversing a tangled web of lies, Clary (Katherine McNamara) and her supernatural pals don’t have much time to spare for their love lives. Nevertheless, couples like Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario) have found a way to make it work.

Now, let’s take a look at what the future holds for Jace (Dominic Sherwood), Clary, Simon (Alberto Rosende), and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia).

“It get’s steamy. Very steamy,” Rosende previewed for freeform. “Get ready for some surprise hookups.

What’s next for Climon?

The final moments of the “Shadowhunters” midseason finale gave Simon a second chance at a life he never thought he’d have – a life where he can walk hand in hand with Clary, sunlight falling on their faces.

“A lot of the scenes with their relationship I’m very excited to see how they turned out because all of the ups and downs that they go through together,” Rosende told Hidden Remote. “Those scenes are going to be pretty cool.”

Unfortunately for Simon, achieving Daylighter status might be where his luck runs out.

After all, Jace’s family tree recently received a bit of pruning, snapping the alleged bond between himself and Clary.

“There is something that Simon knows – if there is anyone who could give Simon a run for his money with Clary, it’s the one guy, it’s Jace,” Rosende warned TV Guide.

Coming up for Clace…

Unlike Clary, Jace closed out “By the Light of Dawn" with the knowledge that his love for his fellow Shadowhunter isn’t as verboten as Valentine led him to believe.

As far as McNamara is concerned, however, her character’s love interests aren’t particularly easy to choose between.

“Each one of them provides something different in Clary’s life, and it’s something that she needs,” the actress told TV Guide. “Simon and Clary will always be connected, and Jace and Clary had this sort-of electric chemistry from the moment they met.

Neither of them will ever be out of her life no matter what happens.”

Is there hope for Sizzy?

Following in Clary’s footsteps, Simon will wander into his own love triangle this summer.

“There are a lot of Sizzy moments,” Taubia teased during a TV Guide live stream.

After hitting rock bottom on the addiction front, Isabelle will need a helping hand.

“A lot of people help her out. There’s one person that really helps her out, and the person is sitting in one of these chairs,” the actress teased, at which point Rosende jumped into the conversation, indicating Simon will step up to the plate.

Which couple is your OTP? Find out what “Shadowhunters” season 2B has in store for Clace, Climon, and Sizzy when the series returns to Freeform this Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.