As the pop singer Selena Gomez just turned 25, she released the new music video for her hit song "Fetish" and it's quite the looker. Literally! We don't know where to look! It's sexy, cool and has a little bit of an 80's vibe. Here are some of the highlights seen in the music video and the meaning as explained by Selena herself and director Petra Collins:

About female strength

If you've seen the video and observed the lyrics of the song, "Fetish" talks about love but as Selena explained, it's not about love in a sexual way but more like "horror".

Selena explained to Petra that she wanted the female to look strong and the perfect backdrop would be to show it in a horror genre. That explains the eerie feeling depicted in the video brought by the smoke, fog and vintage picturesque.

About a crazy and complicated love

Petra Collins told Dazed Digital in an interview that she absolutely loved the video. She further expounded that the video shows the "dirty," "gross" and "weird" side of loving someone and none of us can deny we loved someone like that at some stage of our lives. She further explained she loved showing how our bodies react to sounds and movement.

The breakdown

As one can notice, there are some crazy, and let's admit it, weird stuff found in the video.

Here are some those things:

  • The weirdest would be when Selena used an eyelash curler and pinched her tongue with it. Weird, right? Well, it could mean that sometimes when we love someone we say things we don't mean or just get carried away with our emotions and say things that makes us look weird. So pinching the tongue with an eyelash curler is a metaphor for some sort of control.
  • Selena eating broken glass - this is really painful not just weird. And this is probably the perfect way to describe the pain we go through to get someone's love.
  • Selena eating lipstick and soap - This is a metaphor for beauty. To expound, it could mean that when we love someone, we do all kinds of things to look beautiful no matter how crazy it may be. Although, I certainly will not recommend eating beauty products!
  • Selena losing herself - this is, to be frank, self-explanatory. Sometimes when we fall in love, we do crazy things. We lose control and just breakdown.
  • Candles lit despite the water dripping from the roof - this is not as weird as the others but it's impossible. And yes, some things we do out of love are not possible but we do them anyway. This could also mean that despite the obstacles (water dripping), the fire of love (lit candle) will not be extinguished.