This April 14, the Compton star released his fourth studio album. His album was highly anticipated because of his reputation of being a lyricist. The album "Damn," was fourteen songs full of perfection. Famous features that appeared on the album were Rihanna and Zacari. Kendrick took a different turn in his music style with this album.

The 30-year-old California rapper is already known for his different variety of music styles. In his last album, "To Pimp A ButterFly," funk music legend George Clinton appeared in a song. Kendrick has mixed jazz, blues, and funk into his music.

In this previous albums, implementing Rhythm And Blues has not been big: not until his latest where took a different direction and teamed up with rhythm and blues singer Rihanna.

Both music artists are from different parts of the world and they are from different record labels. Kendrick is from Top Dawg Entertainment and Rihanna is from Roc Nation. In this song, Kendrick shows off his rhythm and blues side to the Music Industry. Some of his other songs on other albums have been mellow, but not this mellow and his vocals completely reach the vocal range of Rihanna in this song.

Amazing video and song

In their song "Loyalty" they portray lovers who have an unpredictable relationship. The visual effects make the video more artistic.

In the beginning, a black dog is barking and runs away and the next scene shows Kendrick blindfolded, sitting in a room filled with half clothed women. One of the women picks up a large pair of glittery scissors and the scene immediately switches to him rapping in the street.

Best scenes in the video

These four scenes make the music video incredibly crazy and unpredictable.

When the street crumbled while Kendrick was rapping, the visual effects looked amazing. The second scene that was great was when Rihanna was portraying a prostitute and Kendrick was seen saving her from an abusive pimp. The third was when they were both singing the lyric "loyalty" while lying side by side on the roof of a skyscraper.

The fourth was the car crash at the end of the video. Some music videos have car accidents, but Kendrick and Rihanna started laughing after they crashed.

Good friends

The two music artists seem like close friends and lovers at the same time in their music video and they make the perfect music duo. Hopefully, they will do more collaborations on songs in the near future as they were a fantastic team in this video.